Sold Out!
Sold Out!


Tracey Hockey has been trying to piece together the 18 months of her life that followed the stroke she had in 2016, at the age of 52.

Tracey suffered with vertigo for many years and six weeks before the attack she started experiencing severe headaches. On the day of the stroke, she lost all feeling down her right side and couldn’t move her feet.

From that day forward, Tracey doesn’t remember a thing.

“Although I don’t remember it, I spent two weeks in hospital and had six weeks of rehabilitation support at home. I went back to work six months later, and it wasn’t easy; I couldn’t drive, do more than one task at a time or maintain my relationships,” Tracey said.

Tracey reached out to MSWA and now accesses MSWA services and support including counselling at home, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, and social welfare at MSWA’s Services Centre in Wilson.

“Hydrotherapy has really improved my mobility and I have regained strength in my arms. The time I spend with my counsellor is worth its weight in gold and I’ve been able to work on recalling that time of my life. I can breathe easier after our time together.” Tracey said.

“Life can be challenging, but when you come across something that is hard, you push through. It's always easier with the help of others. Never say never, especially if you've had a stroke.”

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