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Sold Out!


Professional musician Brett Johns life was always filled with music until he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 43, when he lost his connection to and love for his craft.

“Music was such a positive part of my life. After my diagnosis, I lost interest in it and shut the door on music and loved ones for 13 years so I could come to terms with how my life was going to change,” said Brett.

He says that it was at this stressful time he was introduced to MSWA, who helped him do what he loved again.

“With the help of MSWA nurses and our shared belief that music can be a powerful medicine for the mind, I learnt to manage my symptoms and let music heal my mind and spirit once again,” Brett said.

Brett now lives in Bunbury and attends the local MSWA Services Centre to access services including occupational therapy, counselling, physiotherapy and weekly Outreach. He also receives domestic support at home which means he can live independently.

He now hosts a sing along and plays his Ukulele with fellow MSWA Customers every Wednesday and enjoys witnessing how music comforts others living with neurological conditions.

Brett is thankful for his renewed love of music and the support from MSWA Luxury Lottery ticket purchasers.