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Meet Sharon

Sharon Lamont lives in Golden Bay with husband Gary, and their three children, Bayley, Maddison and Ethan, who are all WAFL umpires. This love of sport runs in the family; Sharon is passionate about fitness.

In 2014, Sharon started experiencing sensory symptoms – pins and needles in her left arm, back and legs. Her GP sent her straight to the neurologist for an MRI, and she was quickly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Naturally, Sharon was worried what the future would bring and, not least, what it would mean for her mobility.

“It was a big life change. I took six weeks off work to try and get myself ‘right’,” recalls Sharon. “Firstly, I had steroid infusions, then started medication. The tiredness was really tough, but thankfully the medication stopped that.”

Sharon faced further challenges in 2016, when she was diagnosed with skin cancer and breast cancer. “I had surgery and radiation treatment, and everything’s been good since,” she explains.

The day after her MS diagnosis, Sharon contacted MSWA. “I’m not one to sit around and worry,” explains Sharon. “MSWA were so helpful. Straight up, they referred me to the Rockingham Services Centre, which is where I come to exercise and keep fit; but it’s not really about that. It’s about the people. And the banter! It’s such a good crew at Rockingham.”

So far, Sharon has not experienced another MS relapse. “I’m lucky,” admits Sharon. “The medication, massage, physio and exercise are working really well.”

On Mondays, Sharon attends hydrotherapy, which is always followed by an unofficial coffee catch-up with fellow hydrotherapy attendees – all MSWA Customers hailing from Rockingham and Mandurah. “It started off with just three of us going for coffee, now we’re up to 13!” laughs Sharon.

Sharon also has weekly MSWA physiotherapy and therapeutic massage appointments.

She looks forward to the annual ‘Stationary Cycle Challenge’, a program that encourages our Customers to participate in the MSWA Ocean Ride during their weekly physiotherapy sessions.

“I love that I can fundraise during my physio sessions. Even if it’s just riding a bike and raising a bit of money, however I can help I will.”

Sharon says she knows first-hand how well money raised for MSWA is utilised, explaining the vital support offered by the MSWA Rockingham facility.

“At Rockingham, we are like family. We all keep an eye on each other. The Outreach groups, in particular, are so important for mental health. With MS, you need help, and thankfully the help is there.”

“I’m grateful to MSWA’s fundraising community and to the people who support the MSWA Luxury Lottery. It’s your support that helps build communities, like the one we’re lucky to have in Rockingham.”