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At 19 years of age, Shannon Tori was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), making her one of MSWA’s youngest members.

Learning she had an incurable disease that would shape her bright future, might have changed her perspective, but not Shannon.  Her strong sense of optimism and positivity held her in good stead as she learnt about the condition and what she could do to support it.

Having a grandmother with MS somewhat prepared and inspired Shannon. “I’ve seen how she’s dealt with it and the treatment she received. She’s responded positively and because of that, MS doesn’t affect her too much, she gets around every day, and is able to maintain her lifestyle,” she said.

Shannon’s early symptoms included numbness in the face, weakness in her left hand and a blocked left ear. Four days after she was diagnosed, Shannon was inspired to support the MS community by fundraising at the Western Australian Step-up event, run by MSWA. Shannon’s family were right behind her – literally, climbing the 1103 on the day as part of the event.

Shannon said “It’s so important for younger people with MS to have hope that one day, there may be a cure. I find comfort that Australia has a strong focus on developing MS treatments and that there is support for me if my condition does change.  There is also a really strong focus on finding a cause, and cure for MS.”

Since the MS diagnosis, Shannon’s life hasn’t slowed down, she is studying Early Childhood Studies at Edith Cowan University in Perth and works as a relief education assistant at a chiropractor. Shannon’s positive attitude is inspiring. She said, “My journey with MS has just started but I will not let MS stop me from achieving my goals.”

Grand Prize

2018 BMW
M3 Sedan

RRP: $167,128


$150,000 CASH

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