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Jeff Ibbotson’s life with CIDP began in 2014, at the age of 30. At the time, Jeff was a competitive surf lifesaver, married with a young family and volunteered at his local Police and Community Youth Centre. He was also running his own business as a locksmith.

Jeff’s initial symptoms were pins and needles in his hands and feet, and a loss of balance. Tests confirmed CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy), a rare neurological condition involving gradual weakness and loss of sensation, predominately in the arms and legs. It currently has no known cause or cure.

“Both the neurologist and I were surprised by the diagnosis due to its rarity; 1.5 in a million are affected globally. I was relieved that it wasn’t life threatening but worried because the path ahead wasn’t clear,” said Jeff.

Reaching out to MSWA and learning about services he could access through an NDIS planning meeting gave hope to Jeff and his family. He began accessing physiotherapy and occupational therapy at MSWA’s Services Centre in Wilson and domestic support at home to help with the cooking and cleaning.

“Since connecting with MSWA, I feel less alone and it’s great to be part of a community again,” Jeff said.

Symptoms that affect him now are fatigue, anxiety, and loss of mobility in his hands and feet. Because of this, he has changed career and struggles to take part in simple things like driving and running around with his children.

“We still don’t know how CIDP will affect me long term, which is stressful, but I try and remain positive and optimistic about my future. MSWA has been a big part of this and their services and support help maintain my daily functioning. They also invest in neurological research which is a comfort to me as there is still so much we don’t know about this condition.”

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